Welcome to Apache ZooKeeper™


Apache ZooKeeper is an effort to develop and maintain an open-source server which enables highly reliable distributed coordination.

Apache ZooKeeper是一种开发和维护开源服务器的努力,它支持高度可靠的分布式协作。

What is ZooKeeper?


ZooKeeper is a centralized service for maintaining configuration information, naming, providing distributed synchronization, and providing group services. All of these kinds of services are used in some form or another by distributed applications. Each time they are implemented there is a lot of work that goes into fixing the bugs and race conditions that are inevitable. Because of the difficulty of implementing these kinds of services, applications initially usually skimp on them ,which make them brittle in the presence of change and difficult to manage. Even when done correctly, different implementations of these services lead to management complexity when the applications are deployed.


Learn more about ZooKeeper on the ZooKeeper Wiki.


Getting Started


Start by installing ZooKeeper on a single machine or a very small cluster.


  1. Learn about ZooKeeper by reading the documentation.
  2. 通过阅读文档了解动物管理员。
  3. Download ZooKeeper from the release page.
  4. 从发布页面下载ZooKeeper。

Getting Involved


Apache ZooKeeper is an open source volunteer project under the Apache Software Foundation. We encourage you to learn about the project and contribute your expertise. Here are some starter links:

Apache ZooKeeper是Apache Software Foundation下的一个开源志愿者项目。我们鼓励你了解这个项目并贡献你的专业知识。以下是一些入门链接:

  1. See our How to Contribute to ZooKeeper page.
  2. 请参阅我们如何为ZooKeeper页面做出贡献。
  3. Give us feedback: What can we do better?
  4. 给我们反馈:我们能做得更好吗?
  5. Join the mailing list: Meet the community.
  6. 加入邮件列表:见见社区。