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Apache Spark Trademark Guidelines


Apache Spark, Spark and the Spark logo are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The ASF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and as such, needs to take special care about how its trademarks are used by organizations. In particular, ASF needs to ensure that its software products are clearly distinguished from third-party products.

Apache Spark、Spark和Spark徽标是Apache Software Foundation (ASF)的商标。ASF是一个501(c)(3)非营利组织,因此,需要特别关注组织如何使用其商标。特别是ASF需要确保其软件产品与第三方产品有明显区别。

If you would like to provide software, services, events, or other products based on Apache Spark, please refer to the ASF trademark policy and FAQ. This page summarizes the key points of the policy, but please note that the official policy always takes precedence.

如果您愿意提供基于Apache Spark的软件、服务、事件或其他产品,请参考ASF商标策略和FAQ。这一页总结了政策的要点,但请注意,官方政策总是优先考虑。

  • Software products, whether commercial or open source, are not allowed to use “Spark” in their name, except in the form “powered by Apache Spark” or “for Apache Spark” when following these specific guidelines.
    • Names derived from “Spark”, such as “sparkly”, are also not allowed.
    • Company names may not include “Spark”.
    • Package identifiers (e.g., Maven coordinates) may include “spark”, but the full name used for the software package should follow the naming policy above.
  • Written materials must refer to the project as “Apache Spark” in the first and most prominent mentions. Materials from software vendors or software-related service providers must follow stricter guidelines, including using the full project name “Apache Spark” in more locations, and proper trademark attribution on every page.

    书面材料必须以“Apache Spark”作为第一个和最突出的提到的项目。软件供应商或软件相关服务提供商的材料必须遵循更严格的指导方针,包括在更多位置使用完整的项目名称“Apache Spark”,并在每一页上使用适当的商标标识。

  • Logos derived from the Spark logo are not allowed.


  • Domain names containing “spark” are not permitted without written permission from the Apache Spark PMC. To request permission, email and CC (Details)

    未经Apache spark PMC的书面许可,不允许包含“spark”的域名。请求允许,电邮private@spark.apache.org和CC商标。(细节)

  • Events, books, and merchandise have their own guidelines. Please refer to the ASF trademark policy and FAQ for details.

We appreciate the community’s help in respecting these guidelines. If you have any questions about the Apache trademark policy, please email